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Meetings + Teleconferences

Meetings & Teleconferences Page

Current Telecon Schedule (all times are US Central times):

All calls with the exception of the analysis telecon use this number: 866 865 2157 (internationally dial: 518 444 0920). All telecons with the exception of the analysis telecon use the same conference ID: 564 372 4685. No passcode is required.

Telecon and meetings google calendar

UMN Gwenless Telecons: 866 865 2157 (international dialing: 518 444 0920), ID: 564 372 4685

Analysis Telecons: 866-740-1260, passcode: 4867308#

General Telecon Actions

Electronics Telecon Action Items

Project, People, Addresses

LD Data, Analysis and Simulations

LD Flight + Data


NA Data Analysis and Simulations

Instrument Testing

Instrument User Manual




Model of cryostat and external optics (200709)

v37 optical design here:

EPS version for printing

ebexgreg_v65_pe_vig-4.jpg fieldlens_ver65_scaled_uhmwpe.jpg

Draft memo describing optics with added tolerances

Cold Optics


Optics Alignment

Cryostat + Focal Plane

Link to Brown's directory with the cryostat drawings http://astro.physics.brown.edu/ebex/cryo

Cryostat drawings since Brown link no longer works

Focal Plane Layout-no text

Focal Plane Layout-with Text

Detector Layout giving the naming scheme of the detectors

Numbers of TES for EBEX and the Excel sheet: DetectorCount_Hannes_20061223.xls

Cryostat photo before painting PropCryo5.JPG after painting PrecCryoBlue1.JPG and in Minnesota

VCS1 Photos

BoloSquidSetupForNAF A page for planning the pre-flight tuning/setup of the receiver. (Matt/Hannes/Kevin/Francois)


Post LDB2012 Cryostat Opening



  • Material: Sapphire A-cut
  • Diameter = 6.1” = 15.5 cm
  • Thickness each = 1.69 mm; Total thickness for a 5-stack = 8.45 mm
  • Total mass = 635 g
  • Moment of inertia = 1.9e-3 kg m^2
  • Response curve AHWP_5stack.ps
  • AR Geometry  2005
  • Rotating SMB, June 2, 2007:
  • single HWP option for NA flight (modulation efficiency by using 1.65 mm single HWP) singleHWP_NA.pdf
  • Data on transmission and modulation: HWP

Data Acquisition System


bugs to inform BLAST about

Scanning strategy

NA Data

Memos, EBEX Papers, Reference Papers

Field-Related, Shipping, Palestine, Ft. Sumner, McMurdo, HighBays

Talks + Slides


Team Pictures

  • Collaboration pictures from Columbia meeting (December 2006): Dinner_20061219
  • Collaboration pictures from Shaul's party (June 2006) AppleMark... AppleMark...
  • Collaboration pictures from Shaul's party (May 2007)

DSCN2386.jpgDSCN2387.jpgDSCN2388.jpgDSCN2389.jpg DSCN2390.jpg

  • Collaboration pictures from Nevis (November 2007)
    EBEXteam.jpg Highbay.jpg MattsTerritory.jpg gondola1.jpg gondola2.jpg gondola3.jpg gondola4.jpg gondola5.jpg EBEX.jpg
  • Collaboration photograph May 2008
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