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Zudov Research Lab.


Our research is focused on fundamental transport properties of two-dimentional electrons hosted in semiconductor quantum structures, such as GaAs/AlGaAs quantum wells. The most remarkable phenomena discovered in such systems, when subject to high magnetic field and low temperature, are integral (Nobel Prize, 1985) and fractional (Nobel Prize, 1998) quantum Hall effects.

Our current efforts are centered on recently discovered non-equilibrium phenomena emerging in weak magnetic fields, when the system is exposed to microwave radiation and/or dc electric fields. Among the studied phenomena are the radiation-induced zero resistance states and dc-field induced zero differential resistance states. Interested graduate students may find these references useful:

Our Sponsors

Our research is sponsored by National Science Foundation, Division of Material Research under Grant No. DMR-0548014


and by U.S. Department of Energy, Basic Energy Sciences (BES) under Grant No. DE-SC0002567


Our Collaborators

Our research is supported by collaboration with materials scientists at Princeton University, Purdue University, and Sandia National Labs.

Princeton Purdue Sandia