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  • Recent and Past Graduates

Jennifer Docktor  Research Associate of Physics @ University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign  -  Ph.D. Thesis: "Development and Validation of a Physics Problem-Solving Assessment Rubric" (2008)
Vince Kuo  Lecturer, Dept. of Physics @ Colorado School of Mines - Ph.D. Thesis - Defense Presentation: "An explanatory model of physics faculty conceptions about the problem-solving process" (2004)
Charles Henderson  Assistant Professor of Physics @ Western Michigan University - Ph.D. Thesis - Defense Presentation: "Faculty conceptions about the teaching and learning of problem solving in introductory calculus-based physics" (2002)
Tom Foster  Associate Professor of Physics @ University of Southern Illinois -  Ph.D. Thesis: "The development of students' problem-solving skills from instruction emphasizing qualitative problem-solving" (2000)
Laura McCullough  Associate Professor of Physics @ University of Wisconsin, Stout  -  Ph.D. Thesis: "The effect of introducing computers into an introductory physics problem-solving laboratory" (2000)
Jennifer Blue  Assistant Professor of Physics @ Miami University, Ohio  -  Ph.D. Thesis: "Sex differences in physics learning and evaluations in an introductory course" (1997)
Mark Hollabaugh  Faculty of Physics and Astronomy @ Normandale Community College  -  Ph.D. Thesis: "Physics problem-solving in cooperative learning groups" (1995)
Ron Keith (deceased)  Associate Professor of Physics @ Emporia State University -  Ph.D. Thesis: "Correlation between the consistent use of a general problem-solving strategy and the organization of physics knowledge" (1993)
Bruce Palmquist  Professor of Physics @ Central Washington University  -  Ph.D. Thesis: "Pre-service teachers' views of the nature of science during a post-baccalaureate science teaching program" (1993) 
David Targan  Associate Professor of Physics, Director of Ladd Observatory, and Associate Dean of the College for Science Education @ Brown University  -  Ph.D. Thesis: "The assimilation and accommodation of concepts in astronomy" (1988)

  • Staff

Sean Albiston - Laboratory Coordinator
Brian Andersson - Demo Coordinator

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